Annual Exhibition

Annual exhibition
December 16, 2023 – January 7, 2024
As part of the traditional annual exhibition of the Tuttlingen City Gallery, artists from the region as well as members of the Kunstkreis Tuttlingen e.V. are invited to apply with their new works. Admission to the exhibition is decided each year by a different, independent jury made up of members of the local council and representatives of art life. This results in a varied show that gives visitors an insight into the rich and diverse art work in the region.

December 2023 at Staedtische Gallery – Tuttlingen

Preview – 250 prints for Caspar David Friedrich

The university and Hanseatic city of Greifswald would like to combine the Caspar David Friedrich anniversary in 2024 with the nationwide day of action “Printing Art Day” on March 15, 2024.

In this context, the city of Greifswald is asking artists nationwide to submit graphic works related to the life and work of the painter or to the contemporary reception of Friedrich and questions raised in Romanticism. A jury will select a total of 250 works in December 2023. In addition, five prizes will be awarded for the works of the highest artistic and thematic quality, as well as an audience prize.

250 years Caspar David Friedrich – Greifswald

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