Way of working:
Marion Pilz

Marion Pilz is known for her artistic work. Her sphere of activity is very complex: e.g. as an exhibition organizer and art mediator. But she is mainly an artist in search of a deep understanding of the complex structures and connections of human existence through several elements from the past, the present and the future.

In her artistic work, she often finds her inspiration in the immediate, but also in the socio-political environment. The subject of the human being is often worked on in its entirety or as a portrait. As part of nature, in a concrete situation or in its interaction with a color-differentiated play between space and surface. The works are not just about portraying a person, but about breaking with habits and creating contradictions. She plays with the abstraction and the figurative. as well as the expression of human qualities. The works can often function in interaction with nature, in which the figures seek an inner place in our diverse world.

Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Switzerland. In addition, many of the works are also in private collections. The artistic focus of the freelance work is in oil painting, drawing and printmaking.

„Art reflects, confronts and amuses. It never floats in a vacuum, but arises in a social and cultural environment.“ (Marion Pilz)


2021 Seminar, Academy of fine arts, Ueberlingen – Germany

2019 Seminar, Academy of fine arts, Kolbermoor – Germany

2015-2019 Academic studies „painting and contemporary art“ with Renata Jaworska (master class with Joerg Immendorff) and with Susan Stadler (master class with Gerd Winner). Diploma – Academy of fine arts, Ueberlingen – Germany

2015-2018 Figure drawing with Renata Jaworska and Antonio Zecca

Academic studies „communication and economy“, Diploma – Bavarian academy of marketing and advertising, Munich – Germany

Born in Kassel – Germany

Lives and works in Kassel and lake constance

Member of BBK – Germany