Places are considered to be meaning and memory. Challenge to subjective meaning and action
and in this way leave bonds between people and spaces or people among themselves. Places can connect, separate, inspire, they can be spiritual, culturally mediating or philosophical touched. You can create spaces for people and be nature or even for emptiness. An examination of the present of history and reality. A sensitive encountering of known and unknown places of this world were shown on canvas and paper.

Exhibition in June 2023 Bürgersaal – Constance. (oil on canvas, 2x2m each, Water&Fire, 2023)

Exhibition “Strada dell’Arte”

The main attraction of the strada dell’arte is the openair gallery. It extends in the streets of Cannero Riviera with a length of 777 meters. There are aluminum plates with photos of the artworks on display. The originals, on the other hand – pictures and sculptures – present hotels, restaurants and bars of the picturesque community in closed rooms. The works of art and the metal plates with the photos are sold in the gallery strada dell’arte, via Massimo d’Azeglio 73 in Cannero Riviera (formerly Albergo-Ristorante Il Cortile).

Until Ocotober 2023 at Hotel Europa – Cannero Riviera – Lago Maggiore

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