Kunstausstelung Orte

Exhibition Places

Places are considered to be carriers of meaning and memory. They challenge subjective meaning and action and in this way create bonds – between people and spaces and between people themselves. Places can connect, separate, inspire and be spiritual, culturally mediating or philosophical.

Both art and culture are used to deal with the present, with history and with reality. A sensitive examination of places and their power, bringing the special features of known and unknown places in this world to canvas and paper through creativity.

75 years BBK Kassel

Come by and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the bbk kassel with us. Visitors can let themselves be enchanted by the creative versatility of North Hessian artists with a multicolored, 75-hour event program with exhibitions, film nights, artist breakfasts, various workshops, performances, concerts, actions and long drinks for the night program.

Find my oil painting “water” 200x200xm and my etchings.

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